31 jul. 2011

My Angel...

I feel you my Angel, touching my soul,
your embrace on my skin, sweet and soft,
like the warm moon on this summer night,

No distance can beat the fortress of our love,
no time can touch, the shinning of our souls,

My Angel is you,
and lives in my dreams,
owner of the moments I felt you,
I kiss your wings,
and my heart beats strong,
and nothing is real, only you...

Nothing is good even you...

Just my life after you,
now it´s just my life after you...

Because can separate me the distance,
of your embrace...
can the earth me separate of ​​you
maybe my choice is just wait
to beg the eternal time to pass ...

But at least no one can snatch me
watch the sky, thinking of you,
until sometimes, I feel the urge to mourn,
because it´s as hard to be without you...

I would like be in the air
to reach you, my love
I would like be in the air
to feel that you breathe me
I would like be in the air
to blow you, and kiss you all your body
do not forget of blowing as well
and to be you, my breath, my air...

...my Angel...

My love...

24 jul. 2011

Just You......

It´s nothing this world without you,

I see myself different,
since I love you,
nothing between my arms,
have sense if I can´t imagine you
with me...

I´m loving a dream in you,
a dream of true an endless love,
full of happiness,

I wonder if you feel as me,
where all of the thougths are for a full life together
where my soul is just a meaning of you...

Nothing´s compare with our taste of love
nothing, while you are smiling,
and your smile means a world to me....

I see your long hair,
and I just can imaging it,
touching my dreams...
Touching my skin thirsty of you touch...

I could love you more but...I don´t know how,
I´ll seek in your eyes, in your heart,
in each meaning of your glance
a diferent kind of loved you,
how only you need to be loved...

Each morning you are new,
new meaning of all,
full of the meaning of love,
you increase the way of my feelings,
and I want to touch, to drink your real love,
like noone did ever.....

Because you owned me, I owned you
and I can´t understand...other life...
in which you doesn´t exist...

My beautiful angel...
my endless love.

12 jul. 2011

Before you...

Before you
night had no name
echo empty, dark
of pain and time ...

with your butterfly wings
you stay in my life
and escape from you, the absence
scape from you my loneliness ...

No there is a time
you emerges as the day,
and light ...
to save my darkness.

My nights are you
your face my mornings
since your being filled my life
you are the owner of my universe

There is another memory in me
hidden where I recognize you
intense, different,
as the color of the clouds

My heart seeks you endless
far as the days I come to you ...

in the space where our souls
found a new meaning
of love...

5 jul. 2011

My princess my Angel...

that approach to me every night at sunset,
and I dream in you..

and you
look at me with your eyes,
filled with
an everlasting love

you touch me
in my dreams, and in my body
feel the life awakening...

and you
take off my crown,
full of pain
and thorns

that makes me
fly on your wings,
to somewhere in the sky...

...each time I see your smile.

and make that this poor devil
believe in love again

Oh, Angel!Oh, Angel!

you have
all the beauty,
I searched in a woman...

you are the most dangerous temptation
of my soul

that embrace the desire of this sinner

and you break
like glass when you feel
my love on fire

Oh, Angel!Oh, Angel!

between heaven
and hell
we can not stay...

you get away
with the dawn
as the sun rises again

my imagination
invent you every night,
and everynigth...

...I love you."

(Traducción y adaptacion de la canción del gran Miguel Gallardo. "Angel")