24 jul. 2011

Just You......

It´s nothing this world without you,

I see myself different,
since I love you,
nothing between my arms,
have sense if I can´t imagine you
with me...

I´m loving a dream in you,
a dream of true an endless love,
full of happiness,

I wonder if you feel as me,
where all of the thougths are for a full life together
where my soul is just a meaning of you...

Nothing´s compare with our taste of love
nothing, while you are smiling,
and your smile means a world to me....

I see your long hair,
and I just can imaging it,
touching my dreams...
Touching my skin thirsty of you touch...

I could love you more but...I don´t know how,
I´ll seek in your eyes, in your heart,
in each meaning of your glance
a diferent kind of loved you,
how only you need to be loved...

Each morning you are new,
new meaning of all,
full of the meaning of love,
you increase the way of my feelings,
and I want to touch, to drink your real love,
like noone did ever.....

Because you owned me, I owned you
and I can´t understand...other life...
in which you doesn´t exist...

My beautiful angel...
my endless love.