31 jul. 2011

My Angel...

I feel you my Angel, touching my soul,
your embrace on my skin, sweet and soft,
like the warm moon on this summer night,

No distance can beat the fortress of our love,
no time can touch, the shinning of our souls,

My Angel is you,
and lives in my dreams,
owner of the moments I felt you,
I kiss your wings,
and my heart beats strong,
and nothing is real, only you...

Nothing is good even you...

Just my life after you,
now it´s just my life after you...

Because can separate me the distance,
of your embrace...
can the earth me separate of ​​you
maybe my choice is just wait
to beg the eternal time to pass ...

But at least no one can snatch me
watch the sky, thinking of you,
until sometimes, I feel the urge to mourn,
because it´s as hard to be without you...

I would like be in the air
to reach you, my love
I would like be in the air
to feel that you breathe me
I would like be in the air
to blow you, and kiss you all your body
do not forget of blowing as well
and to be you, my breath, my air...

...my Angel...

My love...